Exhibition ✨ Michelle Dizon: White Gaze at California Institute of Integral Studies

April 19, 2018

Michelle Dizon: White Gaze

March 20—July 31, 2018
at California Institute of Integral Studies (4th Floor Gallery)
1453 Mission St, San Francisco

White Gaze
White Gaze, an exhibition of works by Michelle Dizon with the poetry of Việt Lê. deconstructs an archive of National Geographic magazines to explore the visual and narrative structure of the publication's White Gaze, the Western-centric bias that informed its editorial decision-making for decades. Drawing from her archive of magazines, Dizon uses poetic subtraction, the erasure of most of the text on the page, to give us back the original language in fragments or threads that together write a decolonial counterpoint to the Western-centric focus of the pictures.

In April, National Geographic will publish an issue that explicitly embarks on a reckoning with its past and its complicity in reinforcing the racism of the white American narrative through a photographic language. Join us to talk about this history and explore the implications of the magazine's decision.

White Gaze has also been published as a book by Bay Area-based Sming Sming Books, Chicago-based Candor Arts, and Los Angeles-based at land's edge, and includes text by Việt Lê, who uses Dizon's work as a starting point for a poetic exploration of the legacies of war and empire.