Indira Allegra
Dispersal of a Feeling / Tension Studies


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Indira Allegra’s Dispersal of a Feeling: Bloodnotes on Choreography and Illness and Tension Studies are limited edition literary explorations which emerge from a somatic approach to writing and image making.

What can a person abandoned as a baby in rural Georgia and a person living with fibromyalgia teach us about the nature of choreography? Dispersal of a Feeling: Bloodnotes on Choreography and Illness is a poetic treatise on choreography, moving the reader between spaces haunted with illness and spaces haunted with the loss of relatives to discover how dance can be found in everyday survival.

In Tension Studies, a domme's client becomes a lover and a lover becomes a client but it is a relationship with a weaver's wooden loom which is the most intimate of them all. Through the frame of the loom, tension lines trembling between human and nonhuman experience interlock to reveal a text/ile dense with phenomenologies of longing, touch and the dangers of encounter. 

Commissioned by The Lab, San Francisco, with funding from the Gerbode Foundation and the Kenneth Rainin Foundation.