George Jensen & Ian Paige
Abreact Mist

Published by HOLIDAY

May 2019, 4.25 x 2.75 in, cassette tape
Edition of 50

1. Spirit Level (24:18)
2. Magnesium (05:44) 
3. Abreact Mist (16:24)

Abreact Mist is a 3-track live recording of George Jensen and Ian Paige's performances in conjunction with Miller Robinson's book release of Tomorrow Is Yesterday's Flower and exhibition Of this body; of this earth, organized by Holiday. Recorded and mastered by Jensen and Paige.

On June 3, 2018, Jensen and Paige performed an improvisational noise set in the courtyard of the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles. One hundred feet below, in the museum’s pedestrian entrance tunnel, was Miller Robinson’s exhibition of this body; of this earth. On June 2, 2019 the duo performed for a second time at the museum during the launch of Robinson’s book Tomorrow is Yesterday’s Flower.

See Miller Robinson's book Tomorrow Is Yesterday's Flower.