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Laressa Dickey & Andrea Steves


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July 2019, English, 4.25 x 9 in, 62 pages + 18 inserts, black & white, softcover, spiral bound
Edition of 150
Design: Sming Sming Books

RADIO GRAVEYARD ORBIT is a hybrid transmission—part text, part listening score—created in collaboration between installation/sound artist Andrea Steves and poet/dancer Laressa Dickey. Space Junk circles overhead. Literally, overhead, the global circulation of waste, commodities, and global extraction, in their own time. This waste extends beyond our physical boundaries, beyond the seen, beyond the speed and scale at which we can understand it. The text provides the atmosphere for the listening. The listening provides pause and interruption. RADIO GRAVEYARD ORBIT is designed to engender a sense of curiosity and connection, as well as specific instructions for ways of observing space/place around us. It seeks to grapple with the effects of capitalism, colonialism, bureaucracy on the literal space of the universe.

Laressa Dickey is an artist working in the fields of writing, movement, and bodywork. She’s the author of three books of poems and several chapbooks, including A Piece of Information About His Invisibility. A new book, Syncopations, is forthcoming in 2019. With Magdalena Freudenschuss, she’s writing a series of feminist texts on the politics of care. Together with her partner Ali, she’s creating an installation work for the Bergen Assembly 2019 entitled How to Pass Time With No Reference, about their experiences Inside/Outside Turkish prison. RGO is her second collaboration with Andrea Steves and their first text work together.

Andrea Steves is an artist, curator, researcher, and organizer currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Andrea has spent the last few years creating the Museum of Capitalism in Oakland, California, a speculative public museum that imagines the end of capitalism, made in collaboration with hundreds of artists, historians, and community groups. The book Museum of Capitalism was published by Inventory Press in 2017, and the Museum has since appeared in Boston, MA and will travel to New York in 2019, where she is presently a visiting scholar at the New School’s Heilbroner Center for Capitalism Studies. Her recent work has been supported by the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, Skálar | Sound Art | Experimental Music, Puffin Foundation, and the Wave Farm: Media Arts Assistance Fund (MAAF).