September 2018, English, 9 x 12 in,16 pages, b&w with graphite cover
Edition of 25
Design: Rachelle Reichert + Sming Sming Books

Mai Tai is an artist book of research and drawings by Rachelle Reichert, whose work often draws from satellite imagery of the graphite mining industry. The book travels through Reichert's interests in both the material composition of graphite and the marks that its extraction leaves on our planet.

Rachelle Reichert is a visual artist and art educator based in San Francisco Bay Area, California. She creates drawings and sculptures to explore social and ecological concerns caused by technology. In 2017, Rachelle presented her artwork at the California Climate Change Symposium, the San Francisco State of the Estuary Conference, the American Geophysical Union Meeting and has been granted a Research Ambassadorship from Planet Labs to create anthropocentric climate-related artwork. Her work has been reviewed and published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Make Magazine, and New American Paintings.