Sming Sming Notebook - S/S18 Pocket

Published by Sming Sming Books

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Sming Sming Notebooks are playful experimentations, using leftover paper stock and binding materials from previous Sming Sming Books projects. Less waste, more books!

S/S18 Pocket
4.25 x 5.5 inches

Style 1:
reversible olive & dull blue cover
tan pages
glow-in-the-dark spiral binding

Style 2:
cardboard kraft cover
teal pages
glow-in-the-dark spiral binding

Style 3:
black cover
white to grey to light purple gradient pages
glow-in-the-dark spiral binding

Style 4:
"Alien Abduction Notebook" by Three
reversible silver glitter with googly eye & gold glitter cover 
assorted color pages
glow-in-the-dark spiral binding