Art Practical's Critical Care Package: Meaning

Published by Art Practical

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Art Practical provides weekly free accessible & critical arts writing, podcasts, and programs. Proceeds will go to directly support Art Practical's writers, editors, and artists contributing to its publication and programming.

This Critical Care Package comes with:


(1) TOTE BAG: Meaning is Critical 
limited edition silkscreened tote bag (15 x 16 inches) with words by Bill Berkson

(1) BOOK: Decolonizing Culture 
published by Art Practical + Sming Sming Books, an anthology of seventeen essays by Anuradha Vikram that address questions of race and gender parity in contemporary art spaces

(1) POSTER: 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action 
designed and reproduced by Volumes Volumes, a newsprint poster (22.5 x 30 inches) of Gene Sharp’s 1973 list, 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action and a companion essay, Gene Sharp: A Global Educator by Jørgen Johansen on the back