Lauren Steinberg: Sliced Apple


Available. Please contact us if you are interested in this object.

Sliced Apple
cast bismuth
Edition of 3
2.25 x 3 x 3 inches

Note: Due to the nature of the material, each cast is unique. Surfaces may slightly darken over time and can be polished back to a shine with household silver polish. Signed and dated.

Sliced Apple — rife with opposing meaning, the apple contains notions of seduction, fertility, purity, sin, wisdom, life, and death.

In her series My Friends are Heavy Metal, (2017-ongoing), Lauren Steinberg casts a variety of casual objects into solid, weighty forms. Made entirely in her makeshift foundry, her process hones the transformation of metal from solid to liquid and back again as her forms come into being.

Lauren Steinberg is an artist and graphic designer based in Los Angeles, CA. She uses photographic, design and sculptural processes to explore unconscious themes. Her sensibility is supremely influenced by her experience as a third-generation Angelino. Lauren has exhibited her work at institutions and sites including Every Woman Biennial at the Bendix Building, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Acid Free Book Fair at Blum and Poe, Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles City College, and in the Angeles National Forest. In 2017 she collaborated with Sming Sming Books to publish The Basement Archive with introduction by Harry Gamboa Jr. She received her MFA from California Institute of the Arts and runs a print and design studio in East Los Angeles.

See Lauren Steinberg's book The Basement Archive.