Love & Struggle

Published by SABOTEURS

Spring 2017, English, 32 pages + 1 insert, 8.5in, color, softcover

SABOTEURS #3, titled Love & Struggle, features writing and artwork by Alan Nakagawa, Amy Uyematsu, carol zou, Cat Chiang, Fight To The Death, Heisue Chung-Matheu + Grace Hwang + SoYun Cho, huang xiao mei + mei mei + zhao wen + feng yuan, Jennifer Moon, Ranu Mukherjee, Satpreet Kahlon, Scott Oshima, Seo Yun Son, Shing Yin Khor, Surface, Tomorrow Girls Troop, and Toro Castaño.

SABOTEURS is a zine focused on writings and artwork by and about Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. In escalating national dialogues around race, AAPI voices continue to be misrepresented or unheard. This zine, inspired by radical AAPI publications like Gidra and named after a song by all-AAPI riot grrl band Emily’s Sassy Lime, is an effort to embrace AAPI voices and contribute to a collective, radical history.