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Taking a break! Office Hours are currently closed.

On Sunday afternoons, Sming Sming BooksĀ provides free/sliding-scaleĀ Office HoursĀ to answer questions about self-publishing or starting your own press. These sessions are one-on-one, andĀ space is limited to artists, writers, and other folks who are interested in creating and producing their own book, zine, journal, or publications. Questions can be about book ideas, design, layout, materials, printing, and production.Ā This is meant to be an opportunity to workshop your ideas into book form. We can also provide a few tips and considerations whenĀ looking for a publisher, funding, or distribution.

PleaseĀ contact usĀ if youĀ are interested in hosting Sming Sming Books Office Hours at a bookstore, library, or classroom.