Jaymee Martin
Of Making Many Books There Is No End

Published by Sming Sming Books

ISBN: 978-1-953189-03-5
September 2021, English, 5 x 8 in, 40 pages, b&w, softcover
Design: Jaymee Martin
Production: Sming Sming Books

"Of Making Many Books There Is No End is a handwritten account of my friendship with the late Los Angeles artist Channa Horwitz, whose home/studio I lived in as a young art student at UCLA. Originally finished in summer 2012, it was first distributed as a handmade, photocopied book just as Channa was rising to overdue recognition in the LA art scene only months before her death at age 80. A hybrid of memoir, art criticism, unconventional love story, and artwork-in-itself, it interweaves my own experiences with Channa's biography, the development of her artistic identity, and everything I have learned about art and life from loving her. It uses photographs, fragments from private journals, and theoretical works to draw connections between language, failure, power, and how the search for something like truth shapes the stakes of both art and life." —Jaymee Martin

Jaymee Martin is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, educator, and linguist. Her work investigates language and voice, legitimacy and accessfrom running free citizenship classes for low-income immigrants and refugees, to getting trapped in the surreal, trilingual microstate of Andorra as a Fulbright grantee, to developing equity-focused curriculum supports for English learners in Chicago Public Schools, to inconveniently making art/writing projects that don't really fit a genre. She would love to hear from you via jaymeemartin.com.