Publishing with Sming Sming Books 📝

Due to a high volume of queries and backlog of books in queue, we do not accept unsolicited submissions, nor can we take on any commissioned work at this time! 

We believe in providing everyone with the knowledge and resources to self-publish. You can reach out by scheduling an Office Hour appointment to chat books.

* * *

Sming Sming Books is operated as a sole proprietorship under Vivian Sming. We create books in collaboration and discussion, based on mutual agreement, trust, and care. Sming Sming Books is not profit-driven nor a profitable endeavor. 

As of 2020, we have been committed to providing full support for every book published through the press. All design, printing, and production expenses are covered by Sming Sming. Artists/authors are provided a modest stipend and work collaboratively with Vivian to determine the best form, materials, and layout for their book. There are no deadlines set by Sming Sming Books, though deadlines can be set by artists/authors, if desired. 

Artists/authors retain rights to their work, and receive complimentary copies of their book. Each title is offered on wholesale channels to bookstores and libraries, and is sold through Sming Sming Books, online and at art book fairs and events.