Talk ✨ Johanna Hedva and Asher Hartman at Two Dollar Radio

January 26, 2021

A Conversation Between Johanna Hedva and Asher Hartman
Thursday September 24, 12pm EST

Johanna Hedva discusses their new book, Minerva the Miscarriage of the Brain, with Asher Hartman. Minerva collects a decade of work, from poetry and performances, to essays and autohagiography, from the author of On Hell and "Sick Woman Theory." In May, Asher's book Mad Clot on a Holy Bone: Memories of a Psychic Theater was released on X Artists Books. Johanna, who is a practicing astrologer, and Asher, a practicing psychic, have collaborated and worked together in the art and performance worlds of Los Angeles for almost a decade. They will continue their ongoing conversation about theater, ritual, monsters and aliens, the body and its perils, blood, teeth, queens, and catharsis.