Reading ✨This Is Not a Gun at Printed Matter's LA Art Book Fair 2020

April 15, 2020

For the LAABF Classroom series, Candor Arts and Sming Sming Books had planned a workshop organized by artist Cara Levine and Students Demand Action in conjunction with the new book This Is Not a Gun, a collection of writings and images by 40 artists, writers, and healers who respond to 40 objects mistaken as guns by police officers during shootings of unarmed civilians. This Is Not a Gun opens dialogue to consider how everyday objects, such as a broomstick, bible, set of keys, iPod, sunglasses, and a pack of Skittles are transformed into ones of perceived threat through the lens of racism and power.

Instead of a hands-on ceramic workshop, Cara Levine presents readings, performances, and reflections from a selection of contributors from the book: Jessica Angima, Amanda Eicher, Elizabeth Dorbad, Sonia Guiñansaca, Constance Hockaday, Chris Johnson, Eliza Myrie, Keni Nooner, Jadelynn Stahl, Leila Weefur, and Amir Whitaker.